Everything is complicated; if that were not so, life and poetry and everything else would be a bore.
~Wallace Stevens

The Poet’s Way® for Your Work

Is your organization being asked to do more with less?
Is it dealing with a rapidly changing world?
Is the conventional way of working no longer working?
Do you need to increase collaboration and innovation across and within your organization?

How We Can Help

We help individuals and teams to think differently, work creatively and achieve greater results.

For centuries, poets have used a series of practices to experience the world in new ways — opening themselves up to new understandings in order to create novel expressions. In sharing these expressions, poets shift their own and others’ perceptions of the world.

At The Poet’s Way®, we custom design and deliver interactive learning experiences to help leaders, teams and organizations utilize the practices of the poets to be more effective and achieve greater results. Increasing our situational awareness, finding significance in the midst of complexity, developing true empathy, focusing our imaginations, making meaning and crafting the expression of our ideas are key to succeeding in today’s business world.

We have helped a wide range of individuals, teams and organizations master these practices resulting in:

  • Reinvigorated employees
  • Stronger leaders
  • Shared inspiring goals
  • Deep empathic understanding of customers
  • Creative approaches to complex business problems

Practices for Your Work

Start Authentically
We begin with authenticity. What is really there. Who we are. What is going on in the situation. We probe, pull back and examine to understand what is. We intentionally dive into an awareness and understanding that goes beyond the superficial review or analysis. Using tools and techniques of poets, we gain knowledge at a deeper level.

The Poet’s Way® Authentic practices include:

  • SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – truly knowing one’s place in the business environment
  • ACUTE OBSERVATION – witnessing reality without judgment, and
  • EMPHATIC UNDERSTANDING – understanding and sharing the feelings of others.
Explore Creatively
Creative endeavor is nourishment. All people crave it. And only from a place of authenticity are we able to truly create – real people doing real work, awake to who they are and open to what is possible. We each need to feel creative and alive in order to be engaged in our life and our work. Organizations need individuals who are alive, creative and connected with the business objectives and goals.

The Poet’s Way® Creative practices include:

  • SENSE MAKING — finding what’s important in the midst of complexity
  • CULTIVATING IMAGINATION — engaging our innate creativity, and
  • ENVISIONING POSSIBILITIES — reducing solutions to their essence and focused on the objectives at hand.
Live Expressively
Live expressively means to put it out there. Make it happen. It’s the focusing, adjusting and equipping of the solution to make it happen. And then it’s the doing it, saying it, being it. Gaining the support of others, showing the players, the market, the world.

The Poet’s Way® Expressive practices include:

  • MEANING MAKING – crafting alignment with others by developing shared meaning
  • SOCIAL EXPRESSION – making your solutions real in the world, and
  • INFORMED REFINMENT – advancing your solution based on real life learning.


  • Bringing the Workplace Alive

    An interactive experience to build alignment and engagement within your group by reigniting the passion and commitment of each individual.

  • Strengthening Your Team Intensive

    For teams looking to increase their cohesiveness and performance this concentrated and customized program is about creating success by getting authentic with each other.

  • Workshops for Innovators

    Creating innovative solutions requires seeing in new ways, imaging new possibilities and trying the untried. This series of highly experiential workshops builds critical innovation skills of individuals and teams.

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Astonishing results are achieved by organizations that are comprised of individuals expressing their authenticity and creativity. The Poet's Way custom designs and delivers programs to develop these abilities for individuals and teams. Be courageous.


  • It was the best decision I've made in a long time. Carolyn and Dan have a remarkable ability to see and help others connect with their authentic strengths, create a wellspring of possibilities, and leverage those strengths in the greatest service to the world. I crafted an authentic, creative, expressive plan for a critical transition in my life and had a blast doing it! I left with clarity of purpose, rejuvenated, and fully engaged in my chosen path. For anyone seeking this type of experience or embarking on an important creative endeavor, I highly recommend The Poet’s Way®.

    09 Dec 2013

    Patrick O’Neill