Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life.
~Mary Oliver

The Poet’s Way® for Your Life

Is your life in transition? Are you leaving a relationship? A job?
Are you feeling challenged or overwhelmed in your life, in your work?
Are you looking to feel more fulfilled? More alive? More on track?
Do you need to gain perspective, find possibilities, create a game plan?

How We Can Help

For centuries, poets have used a series of practices to experience the world in new ways — opening themselves up to new understandings in order to create novel expressions. In sharing these expressions, poets shift their own and others’ perceptions of the world.

By taking the practices of poets and applying them to today’s life and business, The Poet’s Way® helps courageous individuals and organizations navigate and master the complexities of life and business by applying the age-old practices of poets: start authentically, explore creatively, and live expressively.

This is a reiterative process. At every juncture, every lost navigational point, every overwhelming, indecisive, head scratching situation, The Poet’s Way® may be applied.

Practices for Your Life

Start Authentically
We begin with authenticity. What is really there. Who we are. What is going on in the situation. We probe, pull back and examine to understand what is – in life and in work. We intentionally dive into an awareness and understanding that goes beyond the superficial review or analysis. Using tools and techniques of poets, we gain knowledge at a deeper level. As a child, we instantly accessed our authentic self. We would enthusiastically and tirelessly use our talents and engage in our life/work. As we are “processed”, educated, socialized, industrialized and certified, we lose the “realness”. We are lost – our life, our work is not giving us the satisfaction we desire. We need a change. Something different. We need to move from a place of what is to what could be.
Explore Creatively
Creative endeavor is nourishment. All people crave it. And only from a place of authenticity are we able to truly create. By linking who we are and what we create, we bridge the void. Real people doing real work. Awake to who they are and open to what is possible – for themselves and those they interact with. The Poet’s Way® uses a series of exercises and experiences to re-spark and re-ignite. We each need to feel creative and alive in order to be engaged in our life and our work. Organizations need individuals who are alive, creative and connected with the business objectives and goals. The Poet’s Way® helps bring people alive and gets organizations on track.
Live Expressively
Live expressively means to put it out there. Make it happen. It’s the focusing and prioritization and equipping of the plan to make it happen. And then it’s the doing it, saying it, being it. Show the players, the market, the world – Game on! Life on! LOVESTRONG!


  • One-to-One Coaching

    An individual in-depth coaching program that will unleash a journey to living your life authentically, creatively and expressively.

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  • One-to-One Retreats

    For individuals looking to engage in a concentrated, customized program. Rediscover yourself, ignite your imagination and become inspired!

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  • The Poet’s Way® Expeditions

    Immersion in The Poet's Way®. Travel to exotic lands with extraordinary people living their life out loud and in concert with their inner poet.


At our core is a creative soul. In a world that puts tremendous pressure on us to be like everyone else, we must DECIDE to reignite our passion, not wait to be inspired. We must dust and nourish our own soul in order to live -- truly live -- a fulfilling life. The Poet's Way helps courageous individuals master the complexities of life by applying the age-old practices of poets: start authentically, explore creatively, and live expressively. This is your place to awaken and nourish your inner poet -- and we are all poets. Come Play The Poet's Way.


  • I don’t think of myself as a poet, but my experience of The Poet’s Way® enabled me to remove the dust from my soul increasing my self-awareness, bringing a deeper connection with myself and my mission in life in a way that brings it alive in my business.

    29 Oct 2013

    Sharon Leman

  • Yes! The Poet's Way® really helped me focus on where I wanted to go next. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!!

    29 Oct 2013

    Joyce Lai

  • was the best decision I've made in a long time…has a remarkable ability to see and help others connect with their authentic strengths, create a wellspring of possibilities, and leverage those strengths in the greatest service to the world. My three epic days …were spent crafting an authentic, creative, expressive plan for a critical transition in my life and having a blast doing it! ….I left with clarity of purpose, rejuvenated, and fully engaged in my chosen path. For anyone seeking this type of experience or embarking on an important creative endeavor I highly recommend …..

    29 Oct 2013

    Patrick O'Neill