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    Yes, Of Course (YOC)

    Synchronicity and me are like timepieces and meeting makers — one directs the other. Synchronicity tells me I’m on the right path. It’s a god nod. A signal this is “on purpose”. When I haven’t said, “that’s odd how that happened” in some bit of awhile, I know I have fallen out of flow.

    A few years ago, I had a day full of synchronistic oddities. I was on a mission to find and retrieve an article for a friend. Laurie Anderson was riding shotgun. We were in the hills of North Carolina. Phone calls, people, overhead helicopters, airport gates, flight attendant announcements, all these pieces of disparate information and experiences all sizzled with synchronicity.  After 3 or 4 of these oddly coincidental occurrences, we answered with  “Yes, Of Course” — a sarcastic acknowledgement to these powers. “Yes, Of Course Universe” — with a palm slap to the forehead.

    From there, the acronym “YOC” was born. An acceptance and appreciation for how much is already coming to us…just as it should be. IF ONLY we pay attention and YOC it up!

    We are ALL naturally creative. Actually our soul craves the ability to create. Why even be here if you were not meant to share your creative gifts? Why even hold space if not to bring forth your own style? Birth your own new, never existed before bits of brilliance!

    Today, YOC your way The Poet’s Way:

    Start Authentically 

    what is already here, what is right in front of you giving you hints, bipping you upside your head

    Explore Creatively

    if everything right here was an indication you were doing exactly the right thing, what would you do, what would you build, say, go, stay, play, destroy, conquer, try

    Live Expressively

    you are READY, ALL READY, it is all here,  you are alive with real talent – express it

    This message is brought to you by your own powers of synchronicity!

    Today you are receiving this poem for a reason – you know why – YOC!

    Yes, Of Course (YOC)

    Yes, of course!
    says the Universe
    Holding space
    for you,
    who is,
    all ready

    And from that place
    you’ll hear the shout
    in possibility

    Turn up your volume
    get off your chair
    in vulnerability

    Your purpose is here
    your time is NOW
    your creativity

    Dust off your soul
    dismiss your fear
    into your destiny

    Yes, of course
    says the Universe
    Holding space
    for you,
    who is,
    all ready

    – Carolyn A. Dragon