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    Why I am Happy

    Poetry Concert Oct 2014

    Carolyn & Mary Lou

    With trepidation and joy, The Poet’s Way offered up a poetry concert at the Fish Ranch Think. It wasn’t given by great poets or attended by huge crowds. It WAS a gathering of humans being alive in community. Using the richness of poetry and the intimacy of sharing from the heart, we spent hours laughing, crying, and joining together in the dance of life.

    Building on an Authentic foundation (you cannot get much more authentic than Mary Lou and me at the Fish Ranch Think Tank), adding a Creative mix of poetic stories (from Gate C22 to Wild Geese and all the stops in between) and being out loud Expressive — from the heart, from that place written on our bones, we rode through the evening playing with magic ~ The Poet’s Way.

    We are very grateful for those bold enough to join us and for those that supported us from afar — our poets, our teachers (especially Kim), our fellow students, our friends, our family. More to come. More to come.

    Why I am Happy by William Stafford

    Now has come, an easy time. I let it
    roll. There is a lake somewhere
    so blue and far nobody owns it.
    A wind comes by and a willow listens
    I hear all this, every summer. I laugh
    and cry for every turn of the world,
    its terribly cold, innocent spin.
    That lake stays blue and free; it goes
    on and on.
    And I know where it is.

    I know where it is

    I know where it is