• Where the Sky is Born

    Where the Sky is Born by Jennifer Lighty

    Poetry can be pleasure. Poetry can reveal the soul  because it connects the mind, body, and heart in language, the gift we received from the gods long ago who are so grateful when we use it to praise the beauty of being human.

    – Jennifer Lighty

    This poem was a gift from the water. Writing it helped me connect my body and intellect. I find it easy to express myself physically through dancing or singing, but sometimes in poetry the intellect takes over and the actual rhythms and emotions of the body don’t make it onto the page. I don’t know why this is. Why it’s so difficult for me, and lots of others, to express themselves in words. I could come up with a lot of theories, but for now I am keeping it simple and just trusting that the flow of language can move through me as easily as the flow of water inside my body as it connects to the flowing waters of our planet Earth. – Jen Lighty

    When we enter the water he says I am

    to trust and surrender.
    He will move my body.
    I am to let go.

    The clay laguna bottom is white as the moon,
    nothing between it and the sun but a few feet of water so blue…

    The water is waist high, my eyes level with his heart.

    (I want to trust again the whisper and lap my rising blood)

    I skim the surface with my fingertips,
    drawing a circle around us that ripples out
    to the waiting shore, float on my back to signal I am ready.

    When my eyes close, he cradles my head
    like a newborn’s, until I give my weight
    to the water,
    rolls me over and down,
    holding me under past the fear I’ll never breathe again.

    When he lifts me to the surface I
    exhale first, then inhale,
    skin sliding over bones,
    I breathe my way back to where the sky is born.

    It doesn’t matter that he is not my lover.
    I lay in the shallows and he cups my closed eyes
    so when I open them I’m not blinded.
    Blue butterflies vibrate in the air between us.

    The ancient sadness in his eyes draws my gaze skyward–
    two white cranes cross wings then disappear
    into the sun.

    –Where the Sky is Born by Jennifer Lighty

    There are people all over the world who carry the mermaid inside them, that otherworldly beauty and longing and desire that made her reach for heaven when she lived in the darkness of the sea.

    – Carolyn Turgeon

    The Poet’s Way is pleased to welcome Jen Lighty to our “Yes-vember” celebration.  Jen is a gypsy, a caretaker, a wanderer, a lover, a teacher, an artist, a poet, a mermaid, and a best friend — to the world.

    I met Jen through the Block Island Poetry Project. She lives The Poet’s Way — Authentic, Creative, Expressive. This is my take on how she does it:

    Start Authentically: Quiet doesn’t mean weak. Listen. Appreciate. Accept you as you. What are my gifts? Where do I want to show up? How can I serve myself…and others?

    Explore Creatively: Allow for the BEing. Open to the infinite. Grow bolder and stronger in your love for the earth and the divine. Let it fill you with ideas and inspiration. Love.

    Live Expressively: Choose you. The quiet. The uncertain. The vulnerable. Pull yourself from your perch and dive into the depths of joyous living. Here. There. Wherever you hear your song. Sing. Play. Share Poetry.

    Jennifer Lighty’s book, “Breaking Up With The Moon” is being published by Finishing Line Press. Order it here:  www.songofthebutterfly.co.

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    For “Yes-vember”: Submit your photo, your poem and a little story about how/why this poem speaks to you (carolyn@thepoetsway.com). Simply Dive In!