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    When words fail me, poetry finds me ~ Carolyn Dragon

    When words fail me, poetry finds me. Often. I never intended for The Poet’s Way. It found me. Through ups and downs, I tried to disengage. Poetry stalks me. In my head, it answers the sunrise. In the harsh light of hate and violence, it places peace in my heart. On the days I cannot explain, discuss, converse, reiterate, annunciate or just plain talk, poetry speaks. Not only with words. With a consciousness and a connection that reaches beyond mere language.

    I apologize for the lost days of “Yes-vember”. There is a pause in my movement, an idleness, an awakening, as I gather poets and poems around me like a cloak.

    And so may a slow
    wind work these words
    of love around you,
    an invisible cloak
    to mind your life.
    – from Bennacht/Blessing by John O’Donohue

    As I fish to find my way back to The Poet’s Way:

    Start Authentically: What is ego and what is soul? Where is fear and where is love? What is in this life? this day? this moment? What is authentic?

    Explore Creatively: Where do I stand between the push of ego and the pull of soul? How do I hold my thoughts? my actions? How do I “do” the verb compassion? Where will I allow? Where will I deny? How shall I forgive? self and other? How much will my heart hold? Create that.

    Live Expressively: There is but one physical life. Yesterday is gone. Today is the beginning of forever, whatever that means. Living this one with ribbons of poems strewn through the failures and the successes. Engaged. Alive. Expressive.


    When Words Fail Me, Poetry Finds Me

    I have danced
    On the fringes of poetry
    My whole life
    Seeking and finding
    In words
    In phrases
    In lyrics
    In poems

    When words fail me,
    Poetry finds me.
    What we do
    What we say
    What we are
    It is all poetry
    Without the rules
    Or measurements
    Of success,
    Of correctness,
    Of worthiness

    When words fail me,
    Poetry finds me.
    There is this place
    I create
    To dwell
    Within myself
    And to celebrate
    All of
    Who we are
    And there, my friends,
    We are all

    ~ Carolyn A. Dragon 2012

    You are all Poets. Submit your photo, your poem and a little story about how/why this poem speaks to you (carolyn@thepoetsway.com). Let Poetry Find You!