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    Unleashing Your Potential ~ One-to-One Opportunity

    • Carolyn A. Dragon
    • Life Work
    • 21 February 2015

    Reboot! Reignite! Come ALIVE!!!!

    I don’t create poetry, I create myself, for me my poems are a way to me. ~Edith Södergran

    I believe 2015 is a fabulous year to make things happen.

    Creative and abundant energy is all around.

    As part of of my journey of connecting poetry to life’s complexities, I am offering a limited number of individuals an opportunity to work with me one-to-one to:

    • Find more of your true, authentic self
    • Reconnect with your innate creativity
    • Uncover and express hidden emotions
    • Learn to trust in yourself
    • Shine their light — to express your true self
    • Come ALIVE to your true potential
    • Consciously and confidently organize, plan and take steps to achieve results


    At our core is a creative soul.
    In a world that puts tremendous pressure on us to be like everyone else, we must DECIDE to reignite our passion, not wait to be inspired.
    We must dust and nourish our own soul in order to live — truly live — a fulfilling life.

    I help individuals who want to live their full potential
    reboot and reignite in life and work
    by applying the age-old practices of poets:
    – Start Authentically
    – Explore Creatively
    – Live Expressively

    • I see unrealized potential in people and organizations.
    • I live to support each individual (and their “teams”) to help them recognize and attain their authentic, true self and to live up to their full (fun and awesome) potential.
    • I believe poetry is a healing art form that helps people understand themselves at a much deeper level and uncover creative ways to move forward in their lives and work.
    • I believe poetry is an ingredient in the “secret sauce” of commitment to one’s passion and purpose in order to think differently, work creatively, and achieve more in life and work.

     Unleashing Your Potential

    Our work together will combine my extensive experience in the areas of communications, personal self development and “making stuff happen” with my latest learning from Kim Rosen (author of Saved by a Poem and leader of Poetry Depths Mystery School). The process will involve selecting a poem which will reflect back to you and stretches you. We will explore your potential as you first speak the poem aloud and then as you learn the poem by heart. As we travel together, you will have a fuller, richer understanding of self, a creative and inspiring result, an expression uniquely and truly for you and your world.

    Unleashing Your Potential includes four (minimum) to six (maximum) 45 minute sessions via Skype or in-person. Special pricing of $25/session prepaid via PayPal is ONLY available to those booking NOW through April 30, 2015. May 1, the regular price of $50/session with a five meeting minimum goes into effect.

    Questions?? Carolyn@ThePoetsWay.com

    Register Here!


    I would love to live
    Like a river flows,
    Carried by the surprise
    Of its own unfolding.

    ~ John O’Donohue