I am transformed by the sea. It brings me ALIVE.

– Sue Abuelsamid

from where I sit
the sound of the sea
heaving itself upon the sand
provides a brilliant backdrop
for whatever is happening.

it is transformative…
I can hear it as soft and supple,
or I can hear it as untamed and wildly unpredictable.
it is one of the grounding forces of my life.

I touch it every day and it touches me.
it reminds me that I am both empowered
and powerless,
moving through life
in an intricate patternless dance.

the constant is change,
the change in the waves,
the change in the colour of the sky,
the change in energy.

This is the birthplace of possibility.
I can create anything from here.

– Vision of My Life by Sue Abuelsamid

Welcome Sue to “Yes-vember” The Poet’s Way. Sue wrote this poem yesterday – as she sat by the sea. It’s her vision of how she wants her life to be. And she is living it The Poet’s Way.

Start Authentically, Explore Creatively, Live Expressively

I’m transformed by the sea in the same way the beach is. Every wave moves grains of sand around, smooths glass and shells and stones, carries stories and lessons and history to new places. The beach changes with every breath. It washes over me, the salt eats away at the layers of stuff I carry around to ‘protect’ me from the world. And it leaves behind a cleaner, more real version of me. The more time I spend at the sea the more alive I become.

What’s at stake?  Being Alive.  

If i am not real and raw, I am not alive. I am in a jar like a specimen in a museum. And when I speak, those are someone else’s words.  

When I’m alive, MY words come out. What is true for Me. What I see in you. What I see in the world.  All the darkness.  And all the light.

~ Sue Abuelsamid

I met Sue through L.A. Reding. Sue is on a journey of leadership and poetry is helping her get there. Her passion is connecting people with their most powerful selves so that they can be authentic leaders, innovators, and design the lives they want to live. Connect with Sue. Start a conversation.

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BE Transformed!