• How I be who I am

                        How I be who I am Divinity is a fool with me making mistakes with me dwells on them with me laughs with me Mystery wanders with me in the wilderness is desolate of friends with me makes friends with me smiles with me Wisdom […]

  • How Did You Know?

    This week marks the 80th Inspiration Email I have sent.  They go to over 800 agilists around the world. These people have the hard, and very rewarding, job of helping people and corporations use this amazing thing called agile well.  They are on the front lines, everyday, in the battle to bring a numbed-out workforce into full […]

  • A Blessing

    If you had asked me five years ago if I could imagine writing a blessing, I would have snorted with laughter.  I was a lapsed-since-adolescence Catholic who gritted her teeth any time I was forced to  “say grace” in company or with my family of origin In 2009, I had what I would call a […]