• Lovers Arms

    Lovers Arms by Karen Biscoe

    Mornings are sacred time to me. I am barely awake when the to-do list begins competing with writing ideas, and I am busily making my bed and drawing back curtains. Some mornings the curtains open on incredible majesty. The sun hides behind the neighbor’s house or the trees in the backyard, but the sky is in full bloom! The clouds are cast in hues of bright pink, salmon, and persimmon on a blue slate canvass. I realized that it hadn’t “taken” my breath away…which is a term people often used when struck with a moment of shocking beauty. In fact, my involuntary response was a huge, heart expanding intake of breath. It was wonder, hope and desire all colliding on the inside.

    How can I be so lucky? How can I share this vision?

    How can anyone hold onto worry or sadness in a moment like this?

    And then I let that breath travel, and everything else go with it.

    Yesterday I was delighted in having been caught up in a silk-thread “lightness of being” web. I captured something in my heart that compelled me to share it in a finely spun paragraph, hoping to draw other hearts into the weave. Following the sunrise, poetry is my primary source of light during the long, dark days of Autumn.

    Lovers Arms:

    This morning’s sky is not the sky,

    but a lovers arms gently lowering

    over naked shoulders, cradling your

    head in a cloudy nook, taking and

    giving breath, expanding lungs and

    perspective; a horizon of fresh love.

    – Karen Biscoe

    ….poetry is my primary source of light

    during the long, dark days of Autumn

    ~ Karen Biscoe

    Happy Happy Day – Karen Biscoe joins “Yes-vember” The Poet’s Way.

    I met Karen about five years ago under very unusual circumstances – which is another story. Karen’s been scribbling and chiseling poetry and blogs and all sorts of writing since I met her. One of the first poems she ever submitted was published in an online forum. The poem was about me — which is another story.

    What I can tell you, is that Karen lives The Poet’s Way in a direct, no holds barred, let’s get to the meat of this and by the way I’ll have a glass of red with that! She’s ambitious, intelligent, driven, generous, heart-centered, funny, vulnerable and a wonderful friend to me and The Poet’s Way.

    Here’s my take on Karen’s way of living The Poet’s Way:

    Start Authentically: You earn it. You deserve it. You grab it. You believe in YOU. It’s required. Start now. What do you want and need?

    Explore Creatively: The world is your oyster — how do you want it — simmered, sauteed, cream sauce, lemon juice — serve up your options like the finest foods and wines on an all expense-paid cruise to everywhere. How big can you dream? What’s the place, the piece, the most tantalizing bits? Make a list, a mind map and a series of steps.

    Live Expressively: Make it. Show it. Promote it. Submit it.  And can you get it done by 3:30 because there’s another bus to catch to another great place and you’re going to be on it! Let’s go. Live out loud!

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