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    • 4 June 2014
    Take Your First Step - Compass

    Set Your Compass – Ba’ Boom Event

    Are you wondering what’s next? Do you want change in your life?

    Take your first step.

    Ba’ Boom Presents: Setting Your Compass. Designed for women who may have a vague idea – or no idea – of what they want or can do in their next life chapter.

    With a team of five (AWESOME!) Activators (experts in several fields) the participants will apply tools and techniques of various sectors, including business, to help solve personal challenges and set life directions.

    Carolyn Dragon, of The Poet’s Way, will be one of the Activators, playing along The Poetic Path of your journey and helping you set your compass.

    Fabulous food and friendship are all part of the program!

    20 June in Boston

    See the Ba’ Boom website for more information. http://baboomgatherings.com/

    Or email Carolyn@ThePoetsWay.com

    This is NOT to be missed. Join us and get on course – playing The Poet’s Way.

    What we believe:

    The Poet’s Way ~ Everyday practices for your Life and Work.
    At our core is a creative soul. In a world that puts tremendous pressure on us to be like everyone else, we must decide to reawaken, create, and inspire ourselves and others.

    By authentically bringing our whole self to our life and work, creating from our core, and expressing our truth, we can live a more fulfilling life.

    The Poet’s Way® helps courageous individuals and organizations navigate and master the complexities of life and business by applying the age-old practices of poets — Start Authentically, Explore Creatively and Live Expressively.

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