• Give Me a Home (for Carolyn)

    Karen playing The Poet's Way at the Fish Ranch Think Tank

    Karen playing The Poet’s Way at the Fish Ranch Think Tank

    Give me a home

    Where I can wax poetic to my heart’s content

    And recline with all the engines humming

    Where I can bear witness to the swan

    Struggling still to find herself afloat on calm waters,

    and firm purchase on the ground she has laid, trusting.

    Where the fish leap for no other reason than this

    … they can


    Give me a home

    Where I am dutiful to impulse, and whimsy

    Lying stretched out across the porch boards

    Showing just enough skin to taunt the sun,

    And not enough to draw speculation

    Where many have basked in her lightness,

    And have begged to return when she does


    Give me a home

    Where I am at home with myself

    And no judgments ever dare cross its

    modest threshold. Where glasses remain

    half full at all times, and where we call each

    other out…of darkness, from beneath bushels,

    without filters or false pretense.


    Give me a home

    A healing place for so many who come

    from vast distances and corners of the earth

    not knowing this is refuge! Restful and restoring

    to those who benefit, by proxy. Not knowing just its vistas

    but its views. and meeting other visitors…fellow sojourners

    with those who have yet to embrace their magnitude.


    ~ by Karen Biscoe Dufour, published June 8, 2014 by Women’s Voices for Change


    This poem has been selected for publication by Women’s Voices for Change.

    Congratulations to Karen on her first published poem.

    It is truly an honor to have this wonderful tribute to Carolyn and The Poet’s Way work/play/give at the Fish Ranch Think Tank.

    Thank you Karen and Women’s Voices for Change.