• Great Soul Maya Angelou.001

    We’re All Maya’s People – Carry On

    Maya Angelou died May 28th at the age of 86. Guy Johnson described his mother as living her “life as a teacher, activist, artist and human being. She was a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace.” Now there’s a life/work description that fits. Doesn’t it? Perhaps for a week, a day, a moment, we can […]

  • More then just about the poetry

    Not just about the Poetry (Month)

    It’s Not Just About the Poetry It was the end of one of those brilliant full fall days when brittle leaves crunch beneath your feet and the sunshine begrudgingly gives up its warmth. A day when the earth reveals its underlying beauty in the shedding of the transitory. We gathered in a circle to pause […]

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    I was in one of those non-descript carpeted hotel rooms; you know the ones with the creaky through-the-wall air conditioners. Outside the window was a vast graying parking lot, a patch of this fair earth paved over in service of someone else’s purpose. I was pacing back and forth reciting, out loud, the talk I […]