• 30-DayWallCalendar

    30 Days of Blog-etry (Blog+Poetry)

    “No”-vember is “YES”-vember. It is not a “No” month. It is a “Yes” month! Yes to BEing more and DOing less. Yes to stepping out with courage and passion! I have chosen November to be the month of YES – yes to The Poet’s Way Blog-etry (Blogs + Poetry). *Full list at bottom. And with […]

  • I am Not a Poet

    I am Not a Poet

    Yes, you are. No, I’m not. Yes, you are. No, I’m not. Permission granted. Poof! You are a poet. Write. Read. Listen. Share. When The Poet’s Way was first conceived, it was wrapped in a powerpoint presentation, held together with nervous anticipation and then taken to two illustrious leaders – LA Reding and Rick Tamlyn. It […]