• Sun and Moon

    She Let Go

    Where did I go? One moment I looked up and my list, and thereby my sense of satisfaction (my sense of people pleasing purpose don’t you know!), came from filling and gluing together the needs and wants of others. Yes, that is what we are here for — to be of service, to be kind, to […]

  • Poetry Play List

    Why I am Happy

    With trepidation and joy, The Poet’s Way offered up a poetry concert at the Fish Ranch Think. It wasn’t given by great poets or attended by huge crowds. It WAS a gathering of humans being alive in community. Using the richness of poetry and the intimacy of sharing from the heart, we spent hours laughing, […]

  • Give Me a Home (for Carolyn)

    Give me a home Where I can wax poetic to my heart’s content And recline with all the engines humming Where I can bear witness to the swan Struggling still to find herself afloat on calm waters, and firm purchase on the ground she has laid, trusting. Where the fish leap for no other reason […]