• Unseasonably Warm

      It was nearly two years ago, on a rare November day. An energetic warm front had forced its way so far north the skyscrapers of the Windy City were enveloped in warmth vaguely reminiscent of the long passed summer. I was awakened by a text from Lauren, who had been waiting impatiently at the […]

  • Wide, Deep, and Open

    I travel a lot (too much I’m beginning to believe.) I do feel lucky to have been in many places on this spinning planet of ours. Being new to places allows one to see past the familiar that the locals take for granted. Past the beautiful, the overly designed, the things they want you to […]

  • Careful is the Graveyard of Creativity

    Creativity has always been a loaded word for me. Being creative was something that I aspired to, but it somehow felt like it was only the purview of the naturally talented. I made bad grades in Art. I was too uncoordinated and rotund for dance. I was lauded as a good writer and even won some […]