• Why now? – An interview with the founders of The Poet’s Way

      INTERVIEWER Carolyn and Dan let’s discuss the story behind founding The Poet’s Way community. First, a very fundamental question; Why poetry?   Dan Buchner (DB) Some years ago I was asked to gather creative works I had produced over the years. So I pulled together drawings, hunted down photographs, and dusted off sculptures, the […]

  • The Dishwasher Knob Came Off

    The dishwasher knob came off in my hand.  Not surprising.  For more than a year, it had been falling off.  Not surprising.  For more than 23 years, it had been twisted and turned.  Not surprising. And I panicked. The dishwasher and I had existed in this space for most of my adult life.  Existed between cycles of clean and dirty. […]

  • Who are You?

    “A recovering workaholic, A dutiful dad” I always get a seat on the left side of the train car. It was one of those transparent blue winter days, and I was looking forward to seeing Mystic Harbor again on my way to New York City. After 25 years of being wed to my job and […]