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    Block Island Poetry Project – LIVE EXPRESSIVELY!

    A poem begins with a lump in the throat.

    ~ Robert Frost

    2014 Block Island Poetry Project

    Block Island Poetry Project

    Poetry has the power to break you open. As you sit with the poem on the page, there is a connection. An engagement that happens between you and the words.

    Speaking a poem aloud opens up a whole new world — both for the speaker and for the receiver. The relationship with the poem deepens, coming from the bones, the DNA of the speaker. It is then transmuted into an intimate dance of meeting and melding with the receiver.

    Join me at the 2015 Block Island Poetry Project.

    Enjoy a weekend filled with amazing and enriching experiences. You NEED it!!

    With The Poet’s Way, I help courageous individuals and organizations navigate and master the complexities of life and work by applying the age-old practices of poets:

    • Start Authentically
    • Explore Creatively
    • Live Expressively

    I am honored to be offering a workshop on Friday afternoon:

    Living Expressively — Find Your Voice — Come Play The Poet’s Way

    Living Expressively is about living your life out loud.

    Being YOU in relationship with others.

    We will use the power of poetry, music and movement to find your voice and fully express yourself.

    Bring a poem with you or select a poem when you arrive.

    Leave baggage behind. We are going on an adventure to Come Alive!

    We will travel to the place the poem touches you — embodying and speaking the poem.

    You will leave owning your voice and a poem on your heart – to carry and to share.

    More the on the power of speaking poetry – from an interview with David Whyte by Kim Rosen:

    ” …reading to audiences, is an elaboration of the original art form, almost a secondary emanation of the original writing. Forcing yourself, in effect, to overhear yourself say things in a room full of people.

    You’re not just delivering a talk. That’s the most tedious thing in the world. The art form has to do with the mystery and the hidden invitation that’s in the room. And that’s when the magic happens, that’s when the deep silence emerges to the surprise of all the attentively listening ears. In a way, you’re following that silence. You go where the silence is deepest. You could say that it’s an external representation of an internal symmetry.”

    See more at: Spirituality & Health Interview with David Whyte by Kim Rosen

    Find Yourself. Find Your Voice. Come Play The Poet’s Way.