Breathe in experience, breathe out poetry.
~Muriel Rukeyser

What we believe

There is way to live — in our personal and business life — that brings greater personal fulfillment and organizational success. We believe that individuals and organizations are hungry for the clarity and engagement that comes from The Poet’s Way® approach. And while we do not purport to BE poets, we do believe we are all poets — on a path to find our voice and find our way.

For centuries, poets have used a series of practices to experience the world in new ways — opening themselves up to new understandings in order to create novel expressions. In sharing these expressions, poets shift their own and others’ perceptions of the world.

By taking the practices of poets and applying them to today’s life and business, The Poet’s Way® helps courageous individuals and organizations navigate and master the complexities of life and business by applying the age-old practices of poets: start authentically, explore creatively, and live expressively.

Our results have been overwhelming. Since our inception, The Poet’s Way® has witnessed individuals attaining incredible personal transformation and fulfillment and organizations (open up to new potential and greater opportunities) achieving renewed vitality and business results.

The Poet’s Way® is life changing. Come Play The Poet’s Way®.

About Us

Carolyn A. Dragon

Carolyn is a muse and a poet. She spins magic with words…and sometimes fails miserably. A survivor of the corporate jungle, Carolyn is the CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) of her life and wakes up everyday funemployed. Carolyn’s mantra is to work/play/give back all at the same time.

Carolyn has extensive executive level experience in strategy and product development, sourcing, procurement, marketing communications and sales for classic consumer goods companies (such as, Sara Lee, Hasbro, Stride Rite and The First Years), direct selling experience (with PartyLite and NYR Organic), and entrepreneurial experience in working with start-ups and small businesses (such as LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems). In addition to being the founder of The Poet’s Way®, Carolyn is the owner and proprietor of the Fish Ranch Think Tank on Oldham Pond where we swim in possibilities – providing ideas, insights and inspiration through coaching, consulting and kayaking!

Carolyn is an ACSM certified personal trainer, an MBTI certified practitioner and a professional life coach. She earned leadership certification from The Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Leadership Program (proud Air Dragon). She served as the Boston Ambassador for The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) – the world’s largest in-person coach training school. Carolyn received her BA from Alverno College and her personal journey is profiled in Break Through Your Set Point by Dr. George L. Blackburn, M.D., Ph.D. Harvard Medical School. Carolyn’s most recent achievement is earning the status of “Poetry Bard” through Kim Rosen’s Poetry Depths Mystery School. Carolyn helps courageous individuals and organizations navigate and master the complexities of life using the age-old practices of poets: Start Authentically, Explore Creatively, Live Expressively.

I have many names
Given to me by others
Birth name
Family name
Names from spouses
And saints
When all is said and done
It matters more
What name
I give myself
As I proclaim
A. Dragon
From the Tribe
Fueled with Love
Hope and Passion
I AM I claim

© carolyn a. dragon 2011



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